How do you get to CASA MARIA?

Actually the following airlines fly from Europe to Venezuela: Air France, Alitalia, TAP, Iberia, Air Europe and Lufthansa.
We had the best experiences with Lufthansa. They fly to Caracas 6 times per week (direct flights, starting from Frankfurt).
The ticket prices vary between 800 and 1000 € , depending on the season. It is always recommendable to look out for special offers.
If you are traveling from USA to Venezuela, you can fly by Aeropostal directly from Miami to Valencia, which is next to CASA MARIA.

On which costs do you have to count for your vacation at CASA MARIA?

Please request our actual prices.

If you stay more then 5 nights, we grant a discount. Please contact us.

If you wish, we can arrange a fixed price tour.

Accommodation in a single room pay 15 % additional.
Child reduction: up to 2 years it's free, from 2-9 years we grant a 20% discount

In these prices the following services are included:




Open air breakfast with this view.


Full food supply, including coffee and cake in the afternoon, also all beverages, excluding alcohol. Weekly 2 free excursions by jeep within the closer vicinity, and a 3D slide-show which lets you "feel" the beauties of nature of Venezuela.

Free transfers to our neighboring village Bejuma.


Street in Bejuma

Bolívar Square in Bejuma

We organize the collection of our guests from the Caracas Airport (Maiquetía). Please ask us for the actual rates.
We guarantee a responsible service.
The approximate travel time is about 4-5 hours, depending on the traffic situation.

We offer generally 3 different kinds of excursions. The small ones usually are half-day, which are included in our basic price as mentioned.

We offer several day trips with 4x4 vehicles to different habitats for a reasonable price. The price depends on the destiny and the number of participants. Lunch packages are included. Don't hesitate to ask us for further information.

The price of the large excursions of several days (safaris) depends on the destiny, duration and degree of difficulty. Please contact us.

The climate, the comfort, and the good support and adaptability of CASA MARIA makes the journey generally possible for everyone. For any healthy person, CASA MARIA is suitable for all ages.
Also our kitchen gives consideration to your special desires at any time. (diet, vegetarian food etc. are no problem for us)
In CASA MARIA we have both 110 and 220 Volt outlets.

We offer a laundry service against small expenses also.

wifi For your convenience, Casa Maria now also offers an Internet-connection.
We provide two Wi-Fi-zones: One covers the social area, and the other our tropical garden, where you are able to work in an unique ambient.

How can you contact us?

You reach us most reliably by E-Mail

Please mail us always your telephone number and if possible a favorable time, when we can call you back. We call you as fast as possible.

Our phone numbers are:  0058 426 3652577  and  0058 249 8080297

You can also contact us by Air Mail:

Via Palmichal
Apartado 49


Edo. Carabobo, Venezuela

You can expect a long running time.


Regarding the travel time the following is to be said:

Generally we have an all-year-around-season. The dry-season is approximately from December to April. Then it rains very rarely. The remaining time is characterized by regular precipitation, which can be sometimes violent but briefly. Soon after that the sun laughs again. Pure rain days are very rare.
In the rain-season nature is substantially greener and for the nature observers more life shows up. Ornithologists however, often prefer the dry season. Then the jungle is less leafy and the birds can be discovered more easily.

What should you bring along?

Generally light clothes; for the evening possibly a light jacket. If you plan to visit the Caribbean, bring your snorkel equipment. Protection against the sun and insect repellent (at CASA MARIA are hardly undesirable insects!).
For jungle-trips rubber boots are practical, and rain clothes always are advantageous.
A good flashlight and binoculars are always helpful implements.

Anyhow, if you want to spare luggage you can lend most items from us. (take a look at Extras)

Vaccinations or malaria prophylaxis are not needed to stay at CASA MARIA.

Please ask us, if you have any doubts.