Our custom-made safari-tours into practically all regions of the country are the best way for friends of nature to experience the beauty of Venezuela. Apart of the mass tourism we live in constant contact to nature without renouncing to comfort. We have excellent rough-terrain vehicles and in their roof tents you can sleep securely and comfortably.

Our mobile kitchen provides delicious meals for our guests. We also carry an electric power plant and a refrigerator. We are in the best possible way equipped for such routes. Thus you can feel safe at any time. We know numerous overnight accommodation places, mostly with the possibility to bathe and with campfires in the evenings.. Depending upon the interests of our guests we carry also canoes, fishing rods ect. For this reason departure and return of the safaris are always at CASA MARIA. Usually we put these safaris into the middle of your whereabout at CASA MARIA, so that you have an ideal place at the beginning for adjustment and at the end for recovery.

We arrange such tours from 5 to 14 days and we adapt ourselves to the interests and wishes of our guests and try to realize these to an optimum. Even if you have no camping - experience, you can feel safe with us at any time. Anyhow, if you cannot abstain the comfort of a hotel, we can offer you according tours.

With this equipment we are prepared very well for our tours:


From left to right::
Mercedes G300, Mercedes GD300, mobile field kitchen with water-tank, expedition boat, Gran Blazer Z71, 2 kayaks Klepper Aerius Expedition.